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The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) is the rules-writing agency for Eastern White Pine lumber, and the grading authority for the Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPFs) species grouping, as well as other commercially important softwood lumber manufactured in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions. In addition, NELMA is a leading agency for export wood packaging certification and the marketing voice for the wood products industry. 
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The Builder’s Companion: A 1931 Handbook for Architects

Here’s a fun one from the vaults: “The Builder’s Companion,” a two-part series published in the White Pine Architectural Monographs in 1931, but first written all the way back in the 1700s. If you’re curious how the rules of architecture have changed and stayed the same in all those centuries, you’ll want to check out

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Maine Pine Log Homes: Quality Cabins Made of Local Wood

If you love a good log cabin, you’ll want to take a look at what Maine Pine Log Homes has to offer. Owned by Hammond Lumber Company, a NeLMA member, this company offers a gorgeous array of styles and plans, many of them retaining the elegant simplicity of traditional Colonial architecture of our area. The

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Burning Wood to Make it Fireproof: The Science Behind Shou Sugi Ban

One of the hottest new trends in architecture has actually been around for centuries, and it could be a key strategy for making wooden structures more fire resistant. “Shou sugi ban” roughly translates to “burnt cedar board” in Japanese, and it was developed by carpenters seeking a unique finish that would improve the durability of

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Contemporary Mixed Wood Timber Frame Homes by Bensonwood

How well does Eastern White Pine complement other species of wood? Let’s take a look at some gorgeous examples from a New Hampshire-based timber frame company for an answer. Founded in 1974 by Tedd Benson and inspired by the durable timber buildings made by pioneers in the region, Bensonwood aims to design sustainable homes that

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Wood Stronger Than Steel: A New High-Tech Material

While nothing can be quite as beautiful as a simple, natural piece of solid lumber, recent innovations in the area of high tech wood products celebrate just how much potential and versatility there is within a working forest. Scientists have developed a new process that can transform any species of wood into a material stronger

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The Woodworking Industry is Hiring, and it’s Raising Pay

Have you ever thought about becoming a woodworker? One of many cool career paths in the wood products industry, woodworking is a rewarding hands-on profession, and right now, there’s a big demand for fresh recruits. In a recent Woodworking Network survey, 80 percent of professional woodworkers polled said the company they run or work for

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